Someone talk to me im awful




I dunno- whewe he ith, but I can finded him.

Are you sure? I don’t want you to run into trouble…

>Not like you have anything beter to do…




"Lusii die. People leave. Shit happens. Revenge is good, but what do you plan on doing when and if you find them One Arm?"

"You can’t just GIVE UP you piece of shit. Warriors do not give up. They do not forget. Take a break from your search sure, but don’t just let it go or cry. You should be angry. Let that FESTER."

Your arms fold over your chest and you give the low blood a huff. Tapping your metal limb against the ground.

"When you battle the enemy, sadness and tears are not the things you want floating your head."

"What kind of monster was it?"

Don’t call me One Arm..

>You rub your nub nervously.

I don’t know.. Like a wolf, but.. bigger. Scarier.. Green. Smelly and awful and horrible.

… I want.. him dead…

.. Master will help.. When he’s back.. one day…

>You’re not sure how much you believe that anymore.




Ah… Long s|ory shor|, res|oring my sigh| probably won’| work. Ever. I|'s deeper |han jus| being blind. I would explain, bu| you probably wouldn’| believe me.

I bet I’ve heard stranger things.. The world’s a crazy place. I’ll believe anything once. Or try anything once. Something like that.

>You find the resturant and hold the door open for him. You go in behind him and walk up to the counter.

You want some sushi? They got all kind of shit here… Everything’s delicious, and if you name it, they probably have it.




I have a pwetty fwiend named V an’ he can help me to-o-

but i kin’a wanna find unca ko-vani, cuz i wan’ him ta ho-ld me no-w

Well.. You should go find him, then. I could come with you if you want.. though sometime big trolls scare me…

>because you’re a huge puss.




"Any troll can be a warrior. Look at all the marks you got. You’re arm too. You can’t tell me you’re not a warrior."

"You also can’t lie for shit. I saw those waters low blood. You were crying. So tell a fellow warrior what ails you."

.. My lusus died and my masters gone. So I’m alone…

I’m out here searching for the killer but.. I don’t think I’ll be finding the monster… It’s hopeless.


Some things are better left forgotten.




Uh huh, it’th o-vew thewe

» You point in the direction of your hive. You’re sure your mom is hive and maybe Kovani is near by if you’re lucky. You wanted to visit him today.

Oh. Thats a relief.. Once I wandered too far from home, nearly got myself lost until morning. It scared me.

Well, if you ever sneak out again, keep an eye out for me. I live near-by, kinda… And it’s better to be out with a big strong troll like me then be by yourself.




Hah! I|'s no| |he firs| or las| |ime I’ll hear i|. I never used my sigh| much before I wen| blind. I rely on my hearing.


|hese eyes are ac|ually fake!

Aw, dude.. That sucks. I’m sorry… I wish my hearing was better- I’m actually half deaf. Just in my left ear…

>You stare, examining him, blinking. Fake eyes.. Wow.

They have robotic eyes that can restore your sight, why not get some of those?




"Why are you walking around crying? That’s not very warrior like of you."

>You jump some, then wipe your cheeks.

.. I’m not.. crying. And I’m not a warrior, so it shouldn’t matter anyways…

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